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May 22, 2013

Thank You + Exciting News…

Thank You + Exciting News...

There is no easy way to transition back into regular postings after the post about my mom, but I thought sharing some exciting news with you would make things a little lighter and brighter. But before I jump into the news, I wanted to say thank you for all the sweet and sincere comments about my mom. Everyday gets a little easier and your comments definitely helped. So thank you!

Now, onto some fun news…….

White Nest West Elm Pop up

So why am I telling you about the Etsy Pop-up event in West Elm?? Because White Nest is participating!!!! (Can you tell I’m a little excited, not to mention honored?) It’ll take place on Saturday, June 22nd and a handful of local artists will be setting up a small vignettes in the Lincoln Park store. There will be drinks, snacks and tunes. I went to the event last year and it was really fun…great energy and helllooooo, West Elm goodness everywhere!

Feel free to check out the rest of the artists on the West Elm blog and you can RSVP at their Facebook page. I’d love to see your pretty faces so swing by and say hello!


May 20, 2013

My Mom

My Mom

This post is going to be hard one. I even contemplating not saying anything because I’m hurting so badly but I thought it only fair to explain my absence. It’ll be short and sweet and I hope you can understand.

A little over two weeks ago, I received a phone call that my mom had passed away in her sleep. Out of the blue. I wish I could tell you what happened, but we just don’t know. My shock and hurt and grief is still so real and present. It comes in waves…good moments and bad (I’m quite there yet to say good days and bad days). But working on White Nest helps. A lot. So please know that we’re still open.

In many ways, she was my strength, the person I looked to for advise and my friend. I will miss her more than words can explain. Please give your loved ones (and especially your moms) and big hug and smooch for me because you never know when they’ll be taken away from you. xoxo, Meg


April 29, 2013

Introducing…Neon Felt Baskets!

Introducing...Neon Felt Baskets!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? The weather here in Chicago finally cooperated and we had some lovely weather! We Chicagoans love to talk about our weather which usually leads to a complaining session but we didn’t have anything to complain about this weekend. We spent a majority of it outdoors with a belated birthday lunch for Hubs, long outdoor walks and trips to the park for the little guy and dog. It was awesome and just what we needed! (happy sigh…)

As I promised (a few times…) on Facebook, I’m soooo excited to introduce our latest collection to you…..Neon Felt Storage Baskets!! Continuing my love of all things home-related, I wanted to expand on my love for home accessories. Using the Felt Pillows as inspiration, these storage bins were a no brainer. They are made of a heathered charcoal grey wool felt and lined with a brightly colored fabric (and these photos don’t do it justice, when I say neon felt baskets, I mean it. I heart the super bright contrast against the cozy grey felt). I’m a total sucker for a good basket or storage bin.

And these guys are so great for so many things…they would look cute in an office for office supplies, on top of a changing table for diaper organization, in a bathroom with rolled towels or in a craft area corralling allllll those craft supplies (obviously my favorite option since my studio is a little out-of-control, seriously).

You can find the baskets here and here. Happy organizing and spring cleaning! xoxo, Meg


April 15, 2013

Australia’s Home Beautiful Feature

Australia's Home Beautiful Feature

Happy Monday guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend…mine could have been better since I was laid up in bed all weekend with a nasty cold. Thank goodness I happened to be sick on a weekend though because my lovely hubby was able to take care of our little guy while I rested (thanks hubs!).

I wanted to share some VERY exciting news from White Nest-land! I couldn’t be more excited to share that we were featured in the April issue of Australia’s Home Beautiful!! It’s an amazing magazine, guys. Amazing articles featuring Australia’s best homes. What a complete honor. Check it out (while we do a little dance…this made me feel much better)!!

White Nest Home Beautiful

Thank you Home Beautiful for including us in your gorj magazine!! I’m feeling the love half way around the world. ;)
xoxo, Meg


April 11, 2013

DIY Baby Shower

DIY Baby Shower

DIY Baby Shower

Hi guys! As I promised, I wanted to follow up on my last post about the Baby Shower and give some tutorials on some of the decorations, sources and even some free printables (because I would have looooved these when we were planning the shower!).

DIY Baby Shower

Cake pops are my new favorite dessert to make for parties…easy for people to eat, easy to clean up and oh-so-good. Seriously. To make them, I followed the recipe over at A Beautiful Mess.
My two tips:
1. The recipe calls for 2 cups of frosting which is about 1 container of frosting. I found this to be too much and it was really messy. Use about 3/4 of the container.
2. Make sure to keep the balls of cake frozen or near frozen. Once they start thawing, they fall off the stick when you dip it into the melted chocolate. When I found my groove, I would take a few balls out of the freezer at a time and it was waaaay easier.

DIY Baby Shower

“It’s a Girl” Flags…who doesn’t love these around cake pops or drink straws or favors or or or…?? Download here to print off your own flags. And don’t worry future-moms-to-boys (I happen to have a VERY soft spot for boys), I included a flag with “It’s a Boy”!!

DIY Baby Shower

Party Pom-Poms…anyone that knows me, knows that I love making these. Big impact, little work and better yet, little money. I rely on my BFF Martha Stewart for this tutorial. (She doesn’t realize that we are BFF’s because we’ve never actually met, but we are.)

DIY Baby Shower

“Oh Baby” Banner…feel to download here. Again, future-moms-to-boys…I got you covered!

Chevron Wrapping Paper…and while we’re at it, let’s talk about the grey and white chevron paper in the background. I would love to tell you that this was super easy to find my friends, but I would be lying. We were hell bent on finding this pattern to use for the table runners and only one person makes it (whaaaa?? isn’t chevron on everything??). (We entertained making them out of fabric but this was just as much money and twice as much work…) We ordered the paper from The Splot Shop. It comes in a huge roll (35 feet x 24″ wide) which we cut down the middle and made 6 table runners with plenty left over.

DIY Baby Shower

Frosted Animal Cookie Favors…we had a very subtle theme of animals. It was a known fact that our mom-to-be loves frosted animal cookies so it was natural to have these be our favors. Adorbs, right?

DIY Baby Shower

DIY Baby Shower

Faux ceramic animals…these were a hit at the party and so easy to make! I spray painted rubber animals that I found at the dollar bins at Michaels with a few light coats (light coats are key!). The animals didn’t have enough shine when I was finished so I coated them with a Gloss Varnish (mine was made by Plaid that I also bought at Michaels).┬áCuteness!

Hope these help for anyone throwing a baby shower…we had so much fun doing this!! Let me know if you have any questions otherwise, happy planning! xoxo, Meg


April 8, 2013

My Weekend: Throwing a Baby Shower!

My Weekend: Throwing a Baby Shower!

How as your weekend?? Mine was awesome. (Of course, I can’t believe it’s already Monday and want to re-do the whole thing again.) I thought I would go a little bit off-course today and not talk about the shop or my number one man Oliver (sorry, hubs…:) because although those are uber important in my life, they aren’t ALL of my life.

There are some very important people in my life that I don’t get to chat about often…my three besties. The four of us have been attached at the hip since high school…some of us even longer (one my friends and I go waaaaay back to the first grade…that’s hard core people). I consider these ladies more than friends…they are my sisters. We’ve all taken different paths but always make an effort to be in each others lives. In a few short weeks, it will be the first time since we graduated high school that we’ll all be within an hour of each other (!!!! Erica is coming home !!!!). Anyway, I digress…I could talk about our friendship for days. :)

One of my besties, Whitney is having her first little girl!! We couldn’t be more thrilled (me especially because Oliver needs a girlfriend. STAT.). So this past weekend, we threw her a baby shower…my other bestie Lauren and I have been preparing for weeks…you could say that maybe we over prepared but we are THAT excited. (Plus, anyone who knows me knows that pink and I go together like coffee and creamer. We’re just supposed to be together.) We had it at a party room at one of Whitney’s relatives condo building downtown. It was an amazing afternoon…

We didn’t actually play games (sorry, folks we aren’t baby game people) but we did put this fun little collage together. We gathered baby pictures of all the relatives…Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and guests had to match the photo with person. It was fun to listen to people try and guess who was who…

If you follow me on Instagram (@whitenest), then you may have seen a glimpse at me making these bad boys. Cake pops are my new favorite thing to make for parties. Everyone loves them. without. fail. They are a little time consuming but completely and totally worth it. Seriously. (And super bonus is that they make a ton and I have 20 extra sitting in my freezer as I type this.)

Holy frosting. Holy happiness.

Milkglass vases + painted animals + flowers = our centerpieces

Frosted animal cookie favors…mmmm…I ended up making the entire favor including the box because my perfectionist self couldn’t find a box that I liked. :)

And my besties…Whitney and Lauren (our fourth friend is literally traveling the world but we can’t wait when she comes home!!). This party wouldn’t have happened without Lauren since she was my partner-in-crime. And Whitney! We can’t wait meet her!!

There were so many things that we DIY’d that I thought I would pop back later this week and share how we created everything, sources and even include some free printables! See you soon! xoxo, Meg


March 25, 2013

Introducing…the Honeycomb Pillow!

Introducing...the Honeycomb Pillow!

I’m soooo excited over here to introduce one of the new designs I’ve been working on…the Honeycomb Pillow! I’ve been wanting to create a coordinated partner-in-crime for our Geometric Felt pillow for some time. This design came out of my still strong love of geometric patterns (!). I love how he is gives a nod to the trendy geometrics while still maintaining his sophisticated and subtle texture. (And yes, I believe pillows should be a “he” or “she”…this one is a “he” in my mind……I can feel you guys shaking your heads at me. :)

As with the Geometric Felt pillow, I use the same technique where every piece is cut out by hand and individually sewn on…it’s a work of love. And I heart doing it.

You can find the pillows here and here. I hope you’re crushing over this guy as much as I am! Happy Monday!


March 18, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Our Ruffle Pillow + Sale

Saying Goodbye to Our Ruffle Pillow + Sale

White Nest Ruffle Pillow

Happy Monday guys! As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I am busy busy making new products and developing a few new collections. I canNOT wait to show you! In anticipation of making room for new products, we’re cleaning up shop…literally and figuratively. With that being said, it’s time we say goodbye to one of our original designs: the Ruffle Pillow (find them here or here). So for any of you that have been secretly coveting it, we’re running a last-chance sale…40% off all Ruffle Pillows until March 22. They will all be made to order and we have limited yardage on a few of the colors so grab them before they are gone for good!


March 4, 2013

White Nest in Parenting Magazine!

White Nest in Parenting Magazine!

Last November, I was carrying about my day as usual (baby wrangling, working while baby naps, you know…the usual) when I opened an email that literally made me stop in my tracks (not that I was walking while reading emails…I’m not THAT talented). It was an email from the Lifestyle Editor at Parenting Magazine wanting to use one of my pillows for the COVER.

No bigs, right?

Shyeah, right!! A national magazine AND the cover?? Of course I said YES! I popped over to the post office that night and the pillow was on its way. Joy doesn’t begin to explain the feeling I had.

Fast forward to last week when I decided to peruse the internet and see if the issue had been released yet. Yup, it had and as my heart pumped, I opened the page and there. it. was. Behind that awesome little girl with the best expression. My thoughts exactly, you excited cutie. You are just as excited about my pillow as I am. Oh, wait….:)

The best part: I received an email a while back asking if they could keep it in their prop department for future photo shoots. I couldn’t respond fast enough…consider it yours, Parenting Magazine. Consider it yours.

In all seriousness, it’s an absolute dream of mine and I couldn’t be happier! Hope you enjoy! xoxo, Meg


February 25, 2013

Life Lately

Life Lately

Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve dropped by to say hello (gulp…almost two months!). I think about you guys often, I really do. Life has been so busy lately that the computer and I don’t get to see each other much. Since my last post, my little guy has turned one (!!!). Whaaaaa?? It seems like yesterday that I was sitting in that hospital bed waiting his arrival. But it’s a year later and we have a little guy that is walking/running. No more are the days where I could plot him in the middle of the living room and entertain him (oh, I miss that…). He’s on the move and therefore, I’m on the chase.

Oh to add to the craziness, let’s throw in about four weeks of us being sick in the dead of winter. Yep, four weeks…just when someone is feeling better, another one is coming down with it. It’s nothing too serious but just enough to be annoying and make us cranky. Add in winter and our cabin fever is at an all time high. I can NOT wait for warmer weather…can you tell??

The exciting part of winter cabin (is there anything exciting about cabin fever?) is that I’ve had some time to play in my studio and I’m currently developing some new products that make me oh. so. excited. I can’t wait to share them with you but they still need some developing and tweaking. Time isn’t exactly on my side these days so whenever I can squeeze an hour in, you better believe I have my head buried in the sewing machine.

And because he’s growing like a little weed, I had to include some images of Oliver. (Sorry about the quality…they are a mixture of regular camera and camera phone pictures…). Above are a few photos from his birthday party…he was completely unsure with the cake. :) Below are some photos of his first time in the snow…it didn’t end well. Cold + wet + a tripping hazard = no fun in the snow. (My thoughts exactly, Oliver.)

A few goofy ones because he is totally hilarious.

Hope you are doing well! Happy March…oh, wait. Not there yet. ;) xoxo, Meg



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