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November 14, 2015



This post has been a long time coming. I’ve written it about a million times in my head but have been hesitant to sit down and write it, nervous about it feeling so final.

Back in February, I accepted a position going back to work full-time. I left the interior design industry over 5 years ago and suddenly I was presented an offer that I couldn’t pass up. To be honest, I had been mulling it over silently for about six months prior. Don’t get me wrong, I very very very much loved my life being at home with Oliver and working on White Nest at the same time. We had a great thing going and I loved every moment. But truth be told, I was running myself ragged, trying to do it “all” and frankly, it was mentally and physically exhausting. And I really missed being involved with a team, a team of collabortive and supportive people. So when the opportunity presented itself (and was only a short 20-minute commute), I knew I needed to jump on it.

It’s been an adjustment, which is only to be expected. Working under someone’s rules again was a hard thing to wrap my head around and I still truly miss the flexibility that White Nest afforded me. But the rewards have been exciting. We have financial stability again and those words are music to my ears. And working with a team of such hardworking, talented and supportive people was exactly what I was yearning for again. There have been ups and downs of course (they call it a job for a reason!), but the rewards have far exceeded the downs.

And probably the most exciting news of all is that we are expecting our second little one! We are over the moon excited. I have been baby hungry for so long and the stars aligned where we felt that we could welcome a new addition into our house. But let me tell you, being pregnant the second time around had been no joke for me! Nope, no joke. I couldn’t believe how exhuasted I was the first trimester and am still struggling with it well into the second trimester. And the constant nausea has been more extreme this time around. Luckily, that is finally on its way out and the smell of food doesn’t make me want to bury my head. But it’s amazing what a year can do…so many changes!

So what does that mean for White Nest? Well, to be honest I’m not sure. I’ve tried a million times to muster up the energy and courage to open shop again (our Etsy shop has been closed since May – overlapping full-time work and coming home to another job was too much). And I’m happy to say I’m opening up the shop on Sunday, November 15th for a limited release of pillows only. By far, the emails that I have received over the past few months have been about the pillows so that’s where I will focus my energy. I have a limited stock available (or will make available) but once they are sold out, they are sold out for another unlimited amount of time. I have decided that taking this approach gives me the flexibility I need and hopefully gives you a chance to snag some pillows. :)

I appreciate all your support, sticking around for so long! I really miss White Nest, the community and just creating goods for fun. I’m not going anywhere, just maybe popping in and out a little more often.

xoxo, Meg


June 2, 2014

June Events…

June Events...

Hello!! I’m popping in to share some fun upcoming events that we’re so excited to be participating in the next few weeks!

The first event is the Petit Faire happening this Saturday, June 7th at Trillium in Wicker Park, Chicago. Trillium has invited a few local artists for a pop-up event. They’ll have some fun cocktails and the weather looks amazing…swing by if you’re in the area! And as always, our pillows will be on SALE!

We’re really excited to be participating in the Chicago Renegade Mini Market on June 21st and June 22nd! It’s the first year for the mini market but if it’s anything like the Renegade Fair in September (our fav event!) then it’ll be an awesome time. Which means you HAVE to come. Have to, m’kay?

We’d love to see you in the next few weeks…it’s been way too long!! Muah, Meg


March 31, 2014

Welcome to our Guestroom!

Welcome to our Guestroom!

Happy Monday folks!! How was your weekend? Ours was great, except for I was sicker than a dog on Saturday. I don’t remember the last time that I felt so awful and was in bed for that long (it was most definitely pre-Oliver!). Since having the little guy, it is shocking how often I get sick! I NEVER used to get sick. Anyway, I’m feeling so much better thanks to my hubs letting me rest. Just in time to start the week!

I’m so excited to (finally!) share our guestroom progress today! I feel like I’ve been teasing everyone on Instagram for weeks with it (I’m @whitenest if you want to be teased), so it’s high time to share some photos! And like Oliver’s room, I slapped a big old “Progress” on the photos because it’s still not done but it’s getting there!

Below are photos from when we first moved into the house (first photo) and the second photo is how it looked for months while life happened (second photo). It was obviously a children’s room and although Oliver loved to point at the murals on the wall and mimic animal noises, I had to let him know that the lion and zebra’s days were numbered (total Mom guilt about it).

And this is how it looks now!!

So many changes and it’s by far my favorite room in the house. I basically designed this room for myself. Yep, Oliver’s room is obviously for him and our master bedroom will incorporate a lot of my husband into it, so I took this room and designed it for me. (noshame) I definitely had some raised eyebrows when I was explaining that the room would have mint  walls, navy blue striped window treatments, pink vases, gold accents, etc. But these are my most favorite colors right now and I LOVE (!!!) them together.

Before I talk about the room, I need to explain the unfinished door to the left…it’s a pocket door that connects directly to the kitchen. When we first walked through the house, we thought the door was weird and discussed drywalling it off. But since we’ve been living in the house, I love it. It’s so useful to cut through that bedroom instead of going all the way around the house. But unfortunately, the door doesn’t work well. At all. It takes giant man power to open and close it. It also had a coat of paint on it that I sanded down because it was scraped from rubbing against the wall. We don’t know what we’re going to do with it for now, but my dream is to get it fixed (but I’m guessing that’s major construction = $$$).

Obviously, the biggest change was painting the walls (oh paint, how I love you so). After seeing Kristin’s remodeled space over at The Hunter Interior, I immediately fell HARD for the wall color she chose (Glidden’s Almost Aqua). It brightened up the space so much and almost looks white when the sun is shining. The navy and white striped curtains is a project that I DIY’d for our last apartment. They’re white Ikea curtains that I literally painted with navy paint. Not a quick (by any means!) project but I love how they turned out. But I’m going to warn you, I would skip DIY’ing them…it took hours and hours and hours…

The bed is one of my most favorite things ever. It’s my great, great, great grandparents (did I get that right, Dad?). It’s not typically my style but I love how modern it is in it’s surrounding and I love the history and character it brings to the room. The nightstands are from a church sale last summer that we painted white and updated with new hardware. And the duvet is from West Elm which I got a KILLER deal on…$40. Plus I had $25 gift certificate. I know.

Sneak peek at the new light fixture! Tutorial coming soon…promise!

And because I’m keeping it real, this is the other side of the room….completely unfinished. The book shelf is another antique from my grandparents, but all the styling? That’s would be the work of my toddler. I have plans for a big gallery wall that is halfway done! I’ll post when it’s finished.

And because I love showing where we started and where we are….

There are definitely some more projects planned for this room…colorful pillows for the bed to tie everything in, a rug, and window shades, but I’m loving it so far!


March 28, 2014

Thank You West Elm!

Thank You West Elm!

I mean, what can I say?? We were lucky to do the Etsy/West Elm Pop-up Shop last year but to be asked AGAIN? Shyeah, I may have done a little dance in my kitchen. (Just a little running man, nothing too embarrassing…) We had a BLAST! It was all very last minute but luckily I had enough inventory stocked up that I could say a big yes(!!) when we were asked. There were some other awesome artists and a great band that played all Sam Cooke music (called The Cookbook…get it? I know, I love that too.). It was a lovely Saturday afternoon.

Thank you one million times to all those that stopped by, to the awesome West Elm staff for taking great care of us and asking us back (hellllooooo !!!!) and my helper for the day, Robyn!! Thanks for being an awesome sidekick!

Muah, Meg

P.S. We’ll be back on Monday with guestroom photos! I know, I’m just as excited as you are…happy weekend!


March 20, 2014

Hang with us at West Elm on Saturday!

Hang with us at West Elm on Saturday!

Helllloooo!! I have so much to catch up with you guys…our guestroom is looking pretty amaze. Oliver’s room finally has a dresser (whoop!). Our DIY light fixture for the guestroom actually worked! But I’ll have to share photos soon (I know, worst tease ever).

I wanted to jump in and tell you that we’re doing an event this Saturday (March 22nd) at West Elm in Lincoln Park! It’s all last minute but we couldn’t be more thrilled to have our wares surrounded by West Elm (am I the only one that wanders their store in awe?? Gorg).

So if you’re in Chicago, swing by the Lincoln Park location and say hi! We’d love to see you…p.s. We’ll be having major discounts on our prints and pillows. Not that you heard it from here……..okay, maybe you did. ;)

See you lovelies there! Muah! Meg


February 25, 2014

Black is the New White (Updating Hollow Core Doors)

Black is the New White (Updating Hollow Core Doors)

When we were looking for a house, time and time again each house proudly boasted the originial hollow core doors from the 50′s. And time and time again, I knew they would have to be replaced if we bought the house. So when we actually found our house, it was no surprise that it was filled with hollow core doors. But not just hollow core doors…doors that just didn’t work. Many of them wouldn’t close or get jammed. So it has been on the “to do” list to replace them since day one.

Well, day one came and we eagerly went out and purchased a solid, 6-panel wood door for Oliver’s room. I was so happy. I couldn’t wait to get rid of the cheap door. And then installing it happened…whomp, whomp. My dad was so amazing and took it on himself. But I had no idea how frustrating hanging a new door could be. When it was installed, I knew that we would need to take a break and re-evaluate.

We fixed the few doors that weren’t working and lived with them for a while. Then I started thinking…is it worth the headache (not to mention the cost) to replace all the doors with solid doors? Then I saw a few ideas on Pinterest that had me thinking…I ran to the hardware store, bought myself some moulding and paint. Before I knew it, I was experimenting with updating the existing doors (I didn’t even tell my husband) and I fell hard for how it transformed the door. Here’s the how-to on how I did it (don’t worry, I’ll get to the COLOR soon).

This is the door to our guestroom which faces the living room…this was one of the doors that didn’t close when we purchased the house. My dad and husband cut it down but it got some wear as a result. So it was the best door to experiment with!

I bought three 8′-0″ sections of trim at Home Depot. I measured my six-panel door for the overall measurements and used these dimensions to cut two large rectangles. I used a miter saw to cut each section (my first project with a miter saw and yeah, I’m addicted). Once everything was cut, I lightly sanded everything and started marking where it should hang.

I took Liquid Nails and covered the back of each trim section with it (smoothing everything down with a putty knife so excess goo wouldn’t seep out when I hung it).

I placed the first section of trim on the door where I marked it and made sure everything was level.

I continued with the remaining three sections the same way. Once everything was up, I taped it with painter’s tape so the trim wouldn’t shift around when it was drying.

I did the same with the bottom rectangle. I let it dry for 24 hours and lightly sanded any area where glue had seeped out. I also lightly caulked (with paintable caulk) any corner or section that had a small gap.

Then….the color! Now, I could have easily painted it white and it would have looked great! But I had seen some interiors with black doors floating around the blogosphere (like this and this) and loved the look. It completely changes the feel and felt so classic to me. I also knew that many of the rooms that we would be painting would be light in color and I feared that the white doors would be washed out against the wall color. Plus, it was different and I loved that!! So painting away I went…(again, I didn’t tell my husband so imagine his shock when he came around the corner…).

Before I painted it black, I primed the door and then painted three coats of black (Benjamin Moore Graphite, which is actually a really dark grey). It definitely takes a while to paint each side, I’m not going to lie. But once it was done, I was hooked! I loved the contrast and it feels so classic to me.

Here’s the closet door in our guestroom (sneak peek at the finished wall color!). I love it so much.

Black interior doors aren’t for everyone…would you try it in your home? I have two doors down and seven more to go! It’s going to take a long time but it’s so worth it (and all the pennies we’ll be saving!).

Muah, Meg


February 17, 2014

Lighting Up (DIY Basket Pendant)

Lighting Up (DIY Basket Pendant)

Disclaimer: We are not trained electricians and recommend you do some homework if this is your first visit to the lighting installation rodeo. Also, because this is basket, we strongly recommend you use a light bulb that gives off as little heat as possible (i.e. no incandescent bulbs) since we don’t want to create a fire hazard.

Spoiler: After we were all done installing this fixture, we realized that it didn’t give off enough light. Whomp, whomp. So we’ve replaced this basket with one that has an open weave and allows more light. But the tutorial was exactly the same, so let’s pretend that it all worked out, m’kay?

Happy Monday all! Hope you had a great weekend…ours was filled with getting pictures of the freshly turned two-year-old and some projects. Today I’m going to share the quick and simple light that we changed in Oliver’s room (that also didn’t break the bank! Love.).

There is an excessive amount of ceiling fans in our house (we joke that one of the past owners had to be a ceiling fan rep). So one-by-one we’re replacing them throughout the house with light fixtures that are a little more pleasing to the eye (we plan to buy oscillating fans that we can place on the dresser for the summer months like this). Since we painted Oliver’s room a moody grey, I knew I wanted warm, rustic-ish fixture to offset the cool color. When I saw the chevron basket from Nate Berkus’ Fall Collection (sorry, looks like it’s not available anymore!), I knew immediately that it would be perfect for Oliver’s new light fixture.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and admire the ceiling fan…

It’s got to go! So let’s get started on the new fixture…you’ll need: a basket of your choice (as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we changed out the basket since it didn’t allow enough light…so think about your lighting needs and possibly choose a basket with an open weave), inexpensive pendant light from IKEA* (we bought this one), drill with large drill bit and needle nose pliers.

*You could buy a lighting kit from the hardware store instead, but we were at IKEA and it was easy for us to buy their pendant and just not use the shade that came with it.

Drill a hole with a drill bit large enough for the cord to slide through (tip: don’t make the hole too big; the more snug the cord fits through the hole, the less likely it won’t slip up and down when installing).

Feed the cord (with bulb face down) through the hole.

It will look like this under the basket.

Feed the cord back through the canopy that comes with the light kit. Trim the cord to the length you need it with the pliers (don’t forget to strip about a 1/4″ of rubber off each wire in order to wire the fixture). Once you feed it back through, it should be ready to hang but we ran into a small issue when hanging ours…

Once we removed the ceiling fan, the hole for the ceiling junction box was larger than the Ikea canopy. Doh. So we picked up a decorative ceiling medallion (like this one) at the hardware store to cover the hole. I wasn’t crazy about it at first, but I think it makes the fixture look so much more polished (win, win!).

And through the magic of the internet, it looks like this! (I’m not going to go into how to wire the fixture since I’m not at all a trained electrician and if you google it, there are a million tutorials that walk you through it. But it is super simple…if you’ve never wired a fixture, you’ll feel a bada$$ after you’re done. You’ve been warned.)

I love how clean it is compared to the bulky ceiling fan…it feels so much bigger in the room! And the texture of the basket is a good compliment to the crisp and cool wall color.

And I’ll end with a good side-by-side because they are the best…:)


February 5, 2014

Oliver’s Room (Progress)

Oliver's Room (Progress)

Let’s see…where did we leave off last with our new home? I had given you an awesomely awful “Before” tour of our house filled with flesh toned walls, mezmorizing (read: gives me a headache) kitchen backsplashes and my favorite, primary green + buttery yellow paint combination. This was Oliver’s room before we moved in and spent we TWO weeks painting, patching, generally repairing the room (all around a certain toddler’s nap schedule).

And this is “After”! (I’m loosely proclaiming this a soft “After” since this room is faaaaar from being done.) But things are looking a little better, AmIRight? His room gets the best light in the house since it faces southeast and has two large windows. So I knew we could have a deeper wall color…I am still very much on the grey bandwagon (have been for years and I still love it) so we painted the walls a charcoal color (Benjamin Moore’s Gull Wing) We also gave all the baseboards, window trim and door trim a fresh coat of white paint since it was looking dingy and beaten up from over the years. It’s uh.maz.ing what a difference freshly painted trim can do to a room (although the work is NOT my favorite).

All I see in this photo is a giant blank wall (still blank) and a horribly dirty ceiling fan (it came down shortly after the walls were painted) but let’s admire the deep wall color against his white crib, shall we?

We also replaced the 1950′s sliding closet doors with bi-fold doors and the hollow core door with a solid 6-panel door (spoiler alert: I’m re-thinking this decision but more on that in another post). By the way, I love how through the magic of the internet I can type out one sentence on something that took days to complete…ha!

This little guy personally thanked me from preventing him to wake up to butter and pea colored walls………okay, maybe he didn’t but he would if he realized there was more in life than “choo-choos”. ;)

And one more shot of the before and after…ahhhh, the power of paint.

Some things are that are still left to do…..light fixture, window treatments (!!! with a small toddler this is a must), a new dresser (this was a dumpster find that is in its final days), new rug, new bedding, art and shelves. We’ve made some progress on some of these items that I’m excited to share with you…..until next time! Muah, Meg


February 3, 2014

A Long Lost Helloooo!

A Long Lost Helloooo!

Posting on this blog is as random as they come……it doesn’t mean that I don’t think about this lovely place, it just means that life is being life and getting in the way. Seeing that we just entered February (*slapping forehead*) and I haven’t posted since late November, let’s just do a quick two month recap, shall we? M’kay.

Soon after we announced our new Cut-out Prints, we had an awesomely huge Black Friday (which you guys rocked my world, in the best way possible) and we participated in our third Renegade Holiday Fair in Chicago. True to form, it (again) rocked my world and was our best holiday fair to date (a giant heart-felt thank you!!).

Soon after (as in the next day…oy), I was off and running in completing all online orders, a big wholesale order and trying to parent a small toddler…let’s just say, sleep wasn’t on my side and if we’re being perfectly honestly, neither were showers (tmi? eh, we’re all friends here).

But we survived and managed to get ourselves packed /and make our first flight (with a small child) to Arizona to spend Christmas with my sister, her family and my dad. To say the least, it was awesome.

January turned into “quick! let’s get as much stuff done with the house before we have Oliver’s 2nd birthday party” month (do you sense a  theme where relaxation doesn’t exist…yeah, me too). We moved into our house at the end of September and besides unpacking every box, we didn’t do one thing. And this killed me, people! Yellow walls, animal murals and dirty old ceiling fans have been taunting me for months. So I went into crazy mode and have been painting and sewing the last month (and my soul feels so much better). Things are far from finished but at least there’s progress!! Whoop! And there will be photos soon…soooo much to share.

Oh, and this little guy turned T-W-O, nbd. (*Massive wailing in the corner*) He had a great birthday and an awesome party (I think he even liked the gift I made…).

Phew! It’s been a crazy past few months but I’m so happy to be back here starting the new year with you!! (…..*record screeches to a stop*……) Waaaaaait, it’s not the New Year anymore?? ;)

Muah! Meg


November 29, 2013

Introducing Silhouette Prints + Black Friday Sale!

Introducing Silhouette Prints + Black Friday Sale!

Happy Black Friday! First off, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Ours was good…we just laid low and cooked ourselves a little feast at home. We’re deep in the busy holiday season for White Nest so unfortunately, it’s not the “eat-n-sleep-a-thon” holiday it used to be but I still managed to “work” and watch mindless tv. All-in-all, it was great!

I also wanted to pop in and let you know a few things…I just added our “Silhouette Prints” to the Etsy shop!! It only took me *coughcough* three months to do but who’s counting? I created these right before the summer Renegade Craft Fair and we had a really good response. It is a collection of simple but graphic art that is created by cutting the design out of paper and using a colored backing to create each piece. My favorite are the gold leaf but I’m a little biased since I’m OBSESSED with gold at the moment. Take a looksie…

Best part of the new prints? They are on super sale today because of our Black Friday SALE!! And here’s a peek at what else is on sale in our Etsy shop……Happy Black Friday! (p.s. Our sale is taking place in our Etsy shop; not our regular shop) (p.p.s. All items ordered will be shipped out some time during the week of December 16th…I will do my best to get it to you before Christmas) (p.p.p.s. To those who braved the crowds, you are both crazy (in the best way possible, of course) and my hero. To those who prefer to stay in their ‘jams and shop behind a computer screen, shop away!)

Muah, Meg


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