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Welcome to our Guestroom!

Happy Monday folks!! How was your weekend? Ours was great, except for I was sicker than a dog on Saturday. I don’t remember the last time that I felt so awful and was in bed for that long (it was most definitely pre-Oliver!). Since having the little guy, it is shocking how often I get sick! I NEVER used to get sick. Anyway, I’m feeling so much better thanks to my hubs letting me rest. Just in time to start the week!

I’m so excited to (finally!) share our guestroom progress today! I feel like I’ve been teasing everyone on Instagram for weeks with it (I’m @whitenest if you want to be teased), so it’s high time to share some photos! And like Oliver’s room, I slapped a big old “Progress” on the photos because it’s still not done but it’s getting there!

Below are photos from when we first moved into the house (first photo) and the second photo is how it looked for months while life happened (second photo). It was obviously a children’s room and although Oliver loved to point at the murals on the wall and mimic animal noises, I had to let him know that the lion and zebra’s days were numbered (total Mom guilt about it).

And this is how it looks now!!

So many changes and it’s by far my favorite room in the house. I basically designed this room for myself. Yep, Oliver’s room is obviously for him and our master bedroom will incorporate a lot of my husband into it, so I took this room and designed it for me. (noshame) I definitely had some raised eyebrows when I was explaining that the room would have mint ¬†walls, navy blue striped window treatments, pink vases, gold accents, etc. But these are my most favorite colors right now and I LOVE (!!!) them together.

Before I talk about the room, I need to explain the unfinished door to the left…it’s a pocket door that connects directly to the kitchen. When we first walked through the house, we thought the door was weird and discussed drywalling it off. But since we’ve been living in the house, I love it. It’s so useful to cut through that bedroom instead of going all the way around the house. But unfortunately, the door doesn’t work well. At all. It takes giant man power to open and close it. It also had a coat of paint on it that I sanded down because it was scraped from rubbing against the wall. We don’t know what we’re going to do with it for now, but my dream is to get it fixed (but I’m guessing that’s major construction = $$$).

Obviously, the biggest change was painting the walls (oh paint, how I love you so). After seeing Kristin’s remodeled space over at The Hunter Interior, I immediately fell HARD for the wall color she chose (Glidden’s Almost Aqua). It brightened up the space so much and almost looks white when the sun is shining. The navy and white striped curtains is a project that I DIY’d for our last apartment. They’re white Ikea curtains that I literally painted with navy paint. Not a quick (by any means!) project but I love how they turned out. But I’m going to warn you, I would skip DIY’ing them…it took hours and hours and hours…

The bed is one of my most favorite things ever. It’s my great, great, great grandparents (did I get that right, Dad?). It’s not typically my style but I love how modern it is in it’s surrounding and I love the history and character it brings to the room. The nightstands are from a church sale last summer that we painted white and updated with new hardware. And the duvet is from West Elm which I got a KILLER deal on…$40. Plus I had $25 gift certificate. I know.

Sneak peek at the new light fixture! Tutorial coming soon…promise!

And because I’m keeping it real, this is the other side of the room….completely unfinished. The book shelf is another antique from my grandparents, but all the styling? That’s would be the work of my toddler. I have plans for a big gallery wall that is halfway done! I’ll post when it’s finished.

And because I love showing where we started and where we are….

There are definitely some more projects planned for this room…colorful pillows for the bed to tie everything in, a rug, and window shades, but I’m loving it so far!

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  • I just discovered your blog/instagram and I am in love with everything you do!!! I have two questions about this room…Where did you get the metal sphere for the DIY light fixture? Also, I love the art work with the paint strokes! Is that one of yours? It is so simple but so beautiful!

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