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Our House (Part 1)

Thank you for being a friend……
Travel the road and back again……
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and confidant.

This song goes through my head every time I drive up to our new house…I love the Golden Girls (we even dressed up for Halloween one year) and it’s my only reference to a 50′s style ranch house. Minus the leafy palm trees, that is…so I like to believe that Rose and Sophia are going to come out of the kitchen with their large, shoulder-padded sweaters and give me few one liners every time I walk in…

But let me back up a bit and give you some history on our house journey and how we ended up here.

I’ve lived in Chicago for 10 years and my husband has lived here even longer. And in those ten years, I have moved 7 times. I guess you could say that I always wanted something bigger and better…more space, closer to work (when I was working full-time), allowed dogs, better neighborhood, etc. But being an interior designer, I really wanted my own space. Something that I could finally put my fingerprint on.

But let’s get back to reality…it’s Chicago. It’s an amazing place to live, but it comes with its cost. And we (obviously) never knew where we wanted to end up living. Fast forward a bit and when our little guy arrives, I immediately change my tune. I go from wishy-washy to wanting a safe, protected, family-friendly place to raise our family. And I always knew that we would find that out in the Chicago suburbs. So we decided this was the year to bite the bullet and move our family away from our friends and find that place (scary).

After narrowing down the area, we looked at house and after house. I’m not going to lie…it was difficult and stressful. The real estate activity had picked up considerably and houses were selling in a day. Plus, I was really hoping our money would stretch a little further, but every house we looked at needed major renovation (and let me tell you, I am a huge fan of buying renovating but it just isn’t in the cards for our young family).

When our house came on the market, I got really excited. It had so much going for it and it was in my favorite neighborhood. We looked at it the day after it came on the market and had an accepted offer 48 hours later. It was crazy and fast and a blur. I wish I could tell you that my heart fluttered the first time we looked at it, but it didn’t. But it has SO much potential without major renovations…as one friend put it, “I get to do the fun stuff.” And there is a LOT of “stuff” to do…oy. But I couldn’t be happier to work on making it our own.

I’ll stop yammering and let the photos speak for themselves. And because there are so many photos, I’m splitting it into two posts (whaaaat?? two posts in one week? I know, folks. I know.). But be forewarned, I took these photos the day after our closing. So we will just say that this is one big BEFORE tour, m’kay?


Living Room


Laundry Room

I like to share the good, the bad and the ugly. And there are definitely some questionable items here but it makes me that more excited to get to work on it! I’ll be back later this week with the rest of the house!! Muah, Meg

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