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Oliver’s Room (Progress)

Let’s see…where did we leave off last with our new home? I had given you an awesomely awful “Before” tour of our house filled with flesh toned walls, mezmorizing (read: gives me a headache) kitchen backsplashes and my favorite, primary green + buttery yellow paint combination. This was Oliver’s room before we moved in and spent we TWO weeks painting, patching, generally repairing the room (all around a certain toddler’s nap schedule).

And this is “After”! (I’m loosely proclaiming this a soft “After” since this room is faaaaar from being done.) But things are looking a little better, AmIRight? His room gets the best light in the house since it faces southeast and has two large windows. So I knew we could have a deeper wall color…I am still very much on the grey bandwagon (have been for years and I still love it) so we painted the walls a charcoal color (Benjamin Moore’s Gull Wing) We also gave all the baseboards, window trim and door trim a fresh coat of white paint since it was looking dingy and beaten up from over the years. It’s uh.maz.ing what a difference freshly painted trim can do to a room (although the work is NOT my favorite).

All I see in this photo is a giant blank wall (still blank) and a horribly dirty ceiling fan (it came down shortly after the walls were painted) but let’s admire the deep wall color against his white crib, shall we?

We also replaced the 1950′s sliding closet doors with bi-fold doors and the hollow core door with a solid 6-panel door (spoiler alert: I’m re-thinking this decision but more on that in another post). By the way, I love how through the magic of the internet I can type out one sentence on something that took days to complete…ha!

This little guy personally thanked me from preventing him to wake up to butter and pea colored walls………okay, maybe he didn’t but he would if he realized there was more in life than “choo-choos”. ;)

And one more shot of the before and after…ahhhh, the power of paint.

Some things are that are still left to do…..light fixture, window treatments (!!! with a small toddler this is a must), a new dresser (this was a dumpster find that is in its final days), new rug, new bedding, art and shelves. We’ve made some progress on some of these items that I’m excited to share with you…..until next time! Muah, Meg

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