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Oh, Happy-Birthday-in-a-box!

Last weekend was one of my bestie’s birthday! Last year, she made my birthday so amazing by flying out from Los Angeles to surprise me! Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that for her so I thought and thought and thought really hard….what could I do for her that would make her feel really, really special (and on a budget of course…). So I came up with a “birthday-party-in-a-box”! Wanna see the results? (Warning: this is uber craftiness at it’s greatest…)

I started out at Target trying to find a cute box for the “party-in-a-box”…I found this box but it was for a baby and it didn’t have a flip lid. So I modified the top with supplies that I had and attached the lid with masking tape and ribbon (to cover the lid…).

When you opened the lid, I decorated with a “happy birthday” garland made from my computer and wonderful Divine Twine (it’s the best!). I made the little pom pom flowers with tissue paper…and of course I had a little too much fun wrapping all the goodies…I loved the look of it (obviously since I’m sharing it with you guys…). Wouldn’t you love to open this present? Wheee!

Sooo…you’re asking yourself what exactly is in the box? It’s filled with all kinds of goodies but I wanted to make her something different. I’ve been wanting to try painting porcelain and thought this was the perfect occasion! I got a bowl from our local thrift store and hand drew a design. I super heart how it came out…I thought it would be a cute place to store jewelry or whatevs. (Might have gotten a little addicted to painting porcelain; do I see this in White Nest’s future??)

And the last thing was fabric flowers! I wanted to send her flowers but real flowers obviously don’t last forever. So I used thisĀ tutorialand made some! Really easy to do and I loved how they turned out…going to make some for my living room too!

Anyway, I had way too much fun making this…hope you guys like it! Love channeling my inner craftiness…Happy Birthday Lauren!


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