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Lighting Up (DIY Basket Pendant)

Disclaimer: We are not trained electricians and recommend you do some homework if this is your first visit to the lighting installation rodeo. Also, because this is basket, we strongly recommend you use a light bulb that gives off as little heat as possible (i.e. no incandescent bulbs) since we don’t want to create a fire hazard.

Spoiler: After we were all done installing this fixture, we realized that it didn’t give off enough light. Whomp, whomp. So we’ve replaced this basket with one that has an open weave and allows more light. But the tutorial was exactly the same, so let’s pretend that it all worked out, m’kay?

Happy Monday all! Hope you had a great weekend…ours was filled with getting pictures of the freshly turned two-year-old and some projects. Today I’m going to share the quick and simple light that we changed in Oliver’s room (that also didn’t break the bank! Love.).

There is an excessive amount of ceiling fans in our house (we joke that one of the past owners had to be a ceiling fan rep). So one-by-one we’re replacing them throughout the house with light fixtures that are a little more pleasing to the eye (we plan to buy oscillating fans that we can place on the dresser for the summer months like this). Since we painted Oliver’s room a moody grey, I knew I wanted warm, rustic-ish fixture to offset the cool color. When I saw the chevron basket from Nate Berkus’ Fall Collection (sorry, looks like it’s not available anymore!), I knew immediately that it would be perfect for Oliver’s new light fixture.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and admire the ceiling fan…

It’s got to go! So let’s get started on the new fixture…you’ll need: a basket of your choice (as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we changed out the basket since it didn’t allow enough light…so think about your lighting needs and possibly choose a basket with an open weave), inexpensive pendant light from IKEA* (we bought this one), drill with large drill bit and needle nose pliers.

*You could buy a lighting kit from the hardware store instead, but we were at IKEA and it was easy for us to buy their pendant and just not use the shade that came with it.

Drill a hole with a drill bit large enough for the cord to slide through (tip: don’t make the hole too big; the more snug the cord fits through the hole, the less likely it won’t slip up and down when installing).

Feed the cord (with bulb face down) through the hole.

It will look like this under the basket.

Feed the cord back through the canopy that comes with the light kit. Trim the cord to the length you need it with the pliers (don’t forget to strip about a 1/4″ of rubber off each wire in order to wire the fixture). Once you feed it back through, it should be ready to hang but we ran into a small issue when hanging ours…

Once we removed the ceiling fan, the hole for the ceiling junction box was larger than the Ikea canopy. Doh. So we picked up a decorative ceiling medallion (like this one) at the hardware store to cover the hole. I wasn’t crazy about it at first, but I think it makes the fixture look so much more polished (win, win!).

And through the magic of the internet, it looks like this! (I’m not going to go into how to wire the fixture since I’m not at all a trained electrician and if you google it, there are a million tutorials that walk you through it. But it is super simple…if you’ve never wired a fixture, you’ll feel a bada$$ after you’re done. You’ve been warned.)

I love how clean it is compared to the bulky ceiling fan…it feels so much bigger in the room! And the texture of the basket is a good compliment to the crisp and cool wall color.

And I’ll end with a good side-by-side because they are the best…:)


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