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DIY Tutorial: Winter Wreath!

I’m introducing my first DIY tutorial today by showing you how to create a very cool, natural winter wreath! Let’s be honest though, it was supposed to be a Christmas wreath and then a New Year’s Eve wreath and now it’s a Winter Wreath! It’s really simple to do but a little warning: it takes time. A LOT of time, but the end result is a wreath that can last all winter and year after year!

1. 11″ Round styrofoam wreath ring  2. Jute twine (standard thick jute)  3. Jute twine (packing jute twine…I got it at Michael’s Craft Store)  4. Ruler  5. Burlap fabric (any color)  6. Metallic embroidery thread  7. White cotton string  8. Pliers  9. Scissors  10. Floral wire (dark green)

1. Measure and cut 4″ strips of floral wire. Cut many (!) strips as these will be the foundation for the mini-twine balls.

2. Fold the 4″ strip in half and tie a knot.

3. Start wrapping the the twine around the knot and continue wrapping around the top quarter of the wire.

4. Wrap the twine into a ball about 1″diameter (feel free to make smaller and larger balls to give the wreath variation!).

5. Cut the twine, tuck the end under a loop and spread the two wire ends slightly apart.

6. And the fun begins…make a LOT of these! Use any type of the string you want…I used cotton string and two types of twine for my finished product. You can also used metallic embroidery thread (shown in first photo) but I changed my mind and decided to keep my wreath more natural. Go crazy and have fun!

7. After making a LOT of these mini-twine balls, start inserting the balls into the styrofoam wreath ring.

8. Cover the entire wreath ring in the mini-twine balls and voila!

9. Take the burlap fabric and cut a 3″ strip as long as desired for hanging length (mine is about 5′ long). Fray the edges of the fabric for a more natural look. It’s worth noting that you can use any type of ribbon or fabric…I just had burlap left over from another project and wanted to use it.

10. Wrap the fabric strip and run the ends through the sewing machine to close fabric strip (you can also hand stitch if you don’t want to drag out the ‘ol sewing machine). Hang the wreath where desired and enjoy your winter wreath creation!



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