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This post has been a long time coming. I’ve written it about a million times in my head but have been hesitant to sit down and write it, nervous about it feeling so final.

Back in February, I accepted a position going back to work full-time. I left the interior design industry over 5 years ago and suddenly I was presented an offer that I couldn’t pass up. To be honest, I had been mulling it over silently for about six months prior. Don’t get me wrong, I very very very much loved my life being at home with Oliver and working on White Nest at the same time. We had a great thing going and I loved every moment. But truth be told, I was running myself ragged, trying to do it “all” and frankly, it was mentally and physically exhausting. And I really missed being involved with a team, a team of collabortive and supportive people. So when the opportunity presented itself (and was only a short 20-minute commute), I knew I needed to jump on it.

It’s been an adjustment, which is only to be expected. Working under someone’s rules again was a hard thing to wrap my head around and I still truly miss the flexibility that White Nest afforded me. But the rewards have been exciting. We have financial stability again and those words are music to my ears. And working with a team of such hardworking, talented and supportive people was exactly what I was yearning for again. There have been ups and downs of course (they call it a job for a reason!), but the rewards have far exceeded the downs.

And probably the most exciting news of all is that we are expecting our second little one! We are over the moon excited. I have been baby hungry for so long and the stars aligned where we felt that we could welcome a new addition into our house. But let me tell you, being pregnant the second time around had been no joke for me! Nope, no joke. I couldn’t believe how exhuasted I was the first trimester and am still struggling with it well into the second trimester. And the constant nausea has been more extreme this time around. Luckily, that is finally on its way out and the smell of food doesn’t make me want to bury my head. But it’s amazing what a year can do…so many changes!

So what does that mean for White Nest? Well, to be honest I’m not sure. I’ve tried a million times to muster up the energy and courage to open shop again (our Etsy shop has been closed since May – overlapping full-time work and coming home to another job was too much). And I’m happy to say I’m opening up the shop on Sunday, November 15th for a limited release of pillows only. By far, the emails that I have received over the past few months have been about the pillows so that’s where I will focus my energy. I have a limited stock available (or will make available) but once they are sold out, they are sold out for another unlimited amount of time. I have decided that taking this approach gives me the flexibility I need and hopefully gives you a chance to snag some pillows. :)

I appreciate all your support, sticking around for so long! I really miss White Nest, the community and just creating goods for fun. I’m not going anywhere, just maybe popping in and out a little more often.

xoxo, Meg

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