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At Home: My Sofa Pillows

So, I have a new flash for you all: I make pillows. (thank you Captain Obvious.)

But I make pillows for other people – for you all. I make them and ship them off to you. And when I’m lucky enough to sell them to you in person, I listen to your to how your living room or bedroom is set up and then advise you on what color would work best. But it occurred to me the other day that I’ve never shown you some of MY throw pillows. The ones that we use on a daily basis. (The ones that get thrown on the floor on a daily basis…thankyouverymuchOliver.)

I wish I told you that I’m my best customer and use all my own pillows, but I don’t. (Not because I don’t love them, are not proud of them or don’t fully stand behind them…which of course I do.) But because we have one (big) problem in our family…and comes in the form of a pudgy, furry cat named Bob Johnson. And Bob Johnson likes to chew things. And his favorite things to chew are pillows (shaking my fist in the air). So textured fabric is a big no-no here. Plain, cotton fabric is the only fabric that’ll fly.

So I decided enough was enough. (Plus I was itching to change things up around here.) So I made some new pillows and I’m kind of loving them. Okay, really loving them. I’ve always loved the look of studs (and used to sell pillows with studs on them). I decided to play around with studs and patterns and below are some of the beauts!

I wanted a little contrast and added a navy blue linen pillow with polished silver studs in a chevron design (I’m pretty sure my crush of chevron will not be going away anytime soon). And then I wanted some more color so I made a larger coral pillow with a greek key design. I love the coral so much because it adds the punch that my sofa needed (but I think I’ll make another to balance it out).

I love these so much that I’m thinking of adding a few of them to the shop. What do you think? What kind of pillows do you have on your sofa? Are you of the same thinking that there are never enough pillows? (Do you also have small child who thinks pillows belong on the floor? I’m sure I’m not alone…:)


  • Absolutely love the combination on your sofa!! I’ve been searching for some good decorative pillow inspiration and stumbled across your site (and blog) .. amazing! xx

  • I discovered White Nest this weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair and loved all of your offerings. I was just reading through your blog and have to say… the minute I saw these awesome pillows I thought to myself, “oh, where are THOSE on her site?” So if you are wondering if people will be interested you definitely have one customer here.. what a great combination and love the colors and the patterns/textures! Hope to cross your path one day again soon!

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