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Anyone else craving salted chocolate goodness??

In light of last week’s a little announcement, it goes without saying that I have been having some crazy cravings (can we say Sour Patch Kids craving late on a Friday night…that was weird but heavenly!). Have you ever had chocolate with sea salt? If you haven’t, you’re probably thinking that is so bizarre, right? But it will change your world! I had a tiny morsel of this heaven last year at one of my shows and it rocked my world. And since then I’ve seen a smattering of recipes throughout the blogosphere…I’m really thinking that I need to try one of these…

Chocolate Covered Salted Caramel Cupcakes via Somewhere Splendid

Chile and Sea Salt Brownies via Sustenance Space

Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt via The Pioneer Woman

Salted Chocolate Tart via My Recipes

Salted Chocolate Chocolate-Chunk Cookies via Confessions of a Foodie Bride

Okay, okay…lemme me wipe my drool off my face. And thank you to all that sent us special notes and congratulations on our little bundle of joy! We keep pinching our selves and doing happy dances! (okay, maybe not so much on the dancing on my end…:)
Happy Monday!

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