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A Long Lost Helloooo!

Posting on this blog is as random as they come……it doesn’t mean that I don’t think about this lovely place, it just means that life is being life and getting in the way. Seeing that we just entered February (*slapping forehead*) and I haven’t posted since late November, let’s just do a quick two month recap, shall we? M’kay.

Soon after we announced our new Cut-out Prints, we had an awesomely huge Black Friday (which you guys rocked my world, in the best way possible) and we participated in our third Renegade Holiday Fair in Chicago. True to form, it (again) rocked my world and was our best holiday fair to date (a giant heart-felt thank you!!).

Soon after (as in the next day…oy), I was off and running in completing all online orders, a big wholesale order and trying to parent a small toddler…let’s just say, sleep wasn’t on my side and if we’re being perfectly honestly, neither were showers (tmi? eh, we’re all friends here).

But we survived and managed to get ourselves packed /and make our first flight (with a small child) to Arizona to spend Christmas with my sister, her family and my dad. To say the least, it was awesome.

January turned into “quick! let’s get as much stuff done with the house before we have Oliver’s 2nd birthday party” month (do you sense a ¬†theme where relaxation doesn’t exist…yeah, me too). We moved into our house at the end of September and besides unpacking every box, we didn’t do one thing. And this killed me, people! Yellow walls, animal murals and dirty old ceiling fans have been taunting me for months. So I went into crazy mode and have been painting and sewing the last month (and my soul feels so much better). Things are far from finished but at least there’s progress!! Whoop! And there will be photos soon…soooo much to share.

Oh, and this little guy turned T-W-O, nbd. (*Massive wailing in the corner*) He had a great birthday and an awesome party (I think he even liked the gift I made…).

Phew! It’s been a crazy past few months but I’m so happy to be back here starting the new year with you!! (…..*record screeches to a stop*……) Waaaaaait, it’s not the New Year anymore?? ;)

Muah! Meg


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